The Beast of the Western Wilds: a Witch Hunter Tale - part 1

December 14th, 2017

A new adventure begins! This dark fantasy dramatized audiobook is fit for both newcomers and fans of the Witch Hunter series.

Set in the years before the events told in Witch HunterThe Beast of the Western Wilds tells the story of one of Ludlov's most harrowing cases. Join the Witch Hunter on his journey to the edge of the wild, where he will be faced with dark family secrets, strange new creatures and perilous adventures in the woods...

This story is intended for mature audiences.


written by Domien De Groot
Music by Peter Van Riet and Dayn Leonardson
Soundmixing & postproduction by Domien De Groot


Domien De Groot
Dayn Leonardson
Matthew McLean
Eline Hoskens
Karim Cronfli
Robert Cudmore
Sarah Golding
Grace Van Lysebetten
Niklaas Reinhold
Aron Bohdanowicz
Olivier Fuchs

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